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We intend to offer editions made by musicians (singers) for singers, which makes us decide for practical editions instead of full scientific documentation. This does not want to say, however, that we might not have additional background information available in case of being asked about specific questions and/or problems occurring or a special interest on the side of the customer.

Currently we edit and publish mainly in the fields of Early Music, Spirituals, Light Music and Contemporary choral works. We will offer a limited selection of Early Music for keyboard instruments as well (under different type of license).

Our choral editions consist of:

  • A title page
  • At least one page containing the following:
    • The original text translated to English or Polish, where applicable
    • Some short information on the composer
    • Some short information on the piece
    • A few considerations on potential problems in the piece, plus some practical rehearsal suggestions, where desirable
  • The music itself

To make the process of copying as convenient as it can be in as many different scenarios as possible, we deliver a “master copy” of any purchased piece on one-sided A4 sheets.

We have an English language version (for explanatory texts and text translations, where applicable) of all our titles available in stock. (Text underlay in the music sheets always comes in the ORIGINAL language of any composition, though!) Polish and/or German language versions of the explanatory parts can be provided upon request within one week from a binding order as a special service to our customers. If interested in either of those, just ask!

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