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The price of any item covers one hardcopy (“master copy”) and the rights to legally make copies of the edition for the group it was purchased for. It does not include unlimited copying. Lending or reselling the material to any other group, even under the same leadership, is prohibited. Using the music by a further group requires purchasing an additional license as well.

To be as fair as is only possible to different kinds of groups we finally settled for a licensing service that works in two “sizes” of licensing: Any choir that has up to 20 members at the most would be entitled to buy our licenses at a slightly lower rate than any group made up of a higher number of choristers than 20. Nevertheless, we will not increase the licensing price as much as the group size might indicate.

So that’s all:

Very simply put, “Below 20 singers, order with price a, above 20 singers order at price b, and you will be able to make the needed copies in a legally sound way.”

Accepted forms of payment:

  • Advance payment via bank transfer to our company account (72 1140 2004 0000 3102 3099 8795 with mBank). As the account is a Polish account, the payment will have to be effected in Złoty; this means that in case you check this payment option your calculation will be redone in Polish currency and you'll receive an email with the exact amount to be transferred. After your payment is received, your order will be shipped within one working day.
  • Payment upon delivery. The music will be sent out within 2 days of reception of your order. This method requires the payment of an additional charge of 8 pln (€2.5) to cover the costs involved by using the money transfer services of Poczta Polska. (This method would work only when selling WITHIN POLAND — it would not make any sense as an option when selling abroad, since costs get far higher then!)
  • PayPal (recommended for international orders; should anyone from within Poland prefer to use this method, contact us via email, please, to figure out preferable ways to do so): By sending the required amount of money to the PayPal company account using the email address In this case, indicate the name of the choir to whom the material should get licensed, plus the text “Music delivery, ordered xx. xx. 2008” (to make sure your payment immediately can get identified and thus your order can go out). This method will require an additional payment of €5 per order to help cover the required transaction costs by PayPal for company accounts.

© Adam Jarczyk & Monika Fahrnberger, 2008