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Having been music lovers from our childhood or youth and at the same time getting more and more aware of music being able to transcend boundaries our team is actively connected in multinational choral work, be that as singers or leaders or board members in musical associations or exchange partners for other musicians worldwide.

In the course of these activities we got to know about the very unfortunate situation of many choirs working from illegally xeroxed music sheets due to the fact that they are trying to get their hands across interesting items, yet often cannot pay for the necessary legally licensed editions for the number of their singers. So we thought that we would like to offer one solution to this problem and therefore introduce a new publishing venture to colleagues worldwide which would follow another marketing principle: We offer to sell you one legally bought copy of a piece as a master copy licensed to your choir, with the right to reproduce it for the number of your singers in this one choir on your own, i.e., xerox it for your members of the choir that bought the license.

We are trying to offer our service at a price as low as is possible to remain in business, provided our customers play fair and respect the rules of the licensing agreement. With a concept such as ours and prices being kept very low any lost sale through breach of our terms will result in a loss of the necessary small budget to keep the company up and running. So this would very quickly prove our initial idea and engagement for the choral community wrong and put us entirely out of business again.

The solution to this dilemma? If you like what we have to offer and would like to have the option of ordering legal music under our conditions for your choir groups further on from a regularly expanded catalogue, do not hand out your bought music sheets to anyone outside your own group. Even if it is one of your friends asking for your music, you may do him a better service not by sharing but rather by directing him to our editions as well. He will equally be able to afford our rates for well researched music. And we will through an additional sale be able to follow our dream further on and continue enriching the choral community with more and more diverse pieces of music to enjoy!

© Adam Jarczyk & Monika Fahrnberger, 2008