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The Organ Tablature from Klagenfurt

The edition at hand of The Organ Tablature from Klagenfurt, ms. GV 4/3 is the first complete edition ever made of this manuscript held by Kärntner Landesarchiv and is organized in three volumes:

Volume 1, Introduction, Critical Commentary & Facsimile, provides research on the source, its history, notation and contents. Among others, the observations on watermarks as well as on forms of letters used in the notation, on arrangements of individual parts in the tablature, and on attribution of singular works have been published in this volume for the first time ever. Furthermore, the study offers some practical information on how to perform the pieces, dealing with topics such as the instrument, registration, fingering, accidentals, and current liturgical use of the underlying texts of the vocal models for the intabulations. It is concluded with the critical commentary (meant to be used in connection with the score edition of the transcription), and a facsimile reproduction of the manuscript in downscaled version (1:2) which should offer musicologists and performers a chance to draw their own conclusions as well.

The transcription of the music is supplied in two different formats:

Volume 2, Transcription - Score Edition, contains the music of the tablature transcribed in open score notation, a decision made to best represent the original tablature notation and show the highest possible amount of information contained therein. A decisive point for the choice made was the option to transfer the part-writing of the original manuscript in a distinct way.

Volume 3, Transcription - Practical Edition, provides the music transcribed to modern keyboard notation on two staves. It has been designed primarily with the performer in mind who would not wish to play from open score.

Many pieces of this edition have been published here for the first time, and in case of previously published pieces ("Preambulum" and "Exercitatio bona") new solutions for some corrupt measures in the manuscript have been offered.

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